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28 days car insurance comes in very useful sometimes!

As someone who earns money on a part time basis by buying and selling cars, I quite often buy insurance online for a period of 28 days. After I’ve bought the car I need to get it home from the car auction, and since I don’t do it regularly enough to take out trade insurance, the easiest way for me to do it is to insure the car very briefly myself while I have it.

I haven’t as yet bothered to arrange to get a multi-car insurance policy as I am not exactly certain, and haven’t got round to finding out, if regularly adding, and shortly after removing, a vehicle from the policy would be allowed. My suspicion is that I somehow doubt it, as something that useful must have clauses preventing me using it for the purpose of making a few quid.

The sort of cars I buy are generally at the lowest end of the market as I have identified that I can get a car from the auction such as a Fiat Punto, Vauxhall Corsa or Ford Fiesta in good condition for less than £500. These sorts of cars make ideal first cars for young people, particularly girls who want something small, cheap to run, economical but with a bit of style.
Once I have the car home, I give it a thorough valet inside and out, get any minor bodywork blemishes sorted out, have a mechanic friend give it a full service and get it a fresh MOT and if it has a short period of tax remaining (less than 6 weeks) then I also get a new 6 month disk as well (not forgetting to cash the period of the old one, since Tesco like to remind us that every little helps).

The next stage is to get it advertised in the car sales magazines and their websites, which I generally find are better than online auction sites. People do still seem to prefer to look to the traditional advertising media for cars, and they provide really good value.

When the cars sell, considering all the expenses that I incur I manage to make around £350 each time, and in a good month I can sell two, and one month I managed three but that was very lucky and I don’t expect to do it very often.

It’s very easy to arrange a short term motor insurance policy online and there are a choice of providers to choose from, either over the phone or online.

I don’t cancel the insurance once the car is sold as, again I have a feeling that if I did then I would eventually be stopped from doing it, and I really don’t make enough money to get a trade policy. If I did have to take out such a policy, I’d probably have to stop buying and selling cars which would be a shame, because I really enjoy doing it.

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