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Why did I need five day's car insurance? Whilst I was saving for some essential repairs I was without my car. But, as a working mother it was essential I had a vehicle. Just getting my little girl to and from childcare and commuting to the office 5-days a week was impossible without my own transport. Luckily a good friend was going on holiday and offered to let me borrow his car for the week.

Luckily I knew I was able to get cover online and was really impressed by the options available to me. I could choose temporary daily cover, weekly, weekend or monthly cover and I could arrange it all online, hassle-free.

The first thing I did was check my suitability for the insurance using the details on the website:

I am over 21-years old – check
I hold a full UK driving license – check
I live in a non-high risk postcode – check

I decided I would look at getting a quote for 5-days as this would meet my family and commuting needs. And so I went to the correct page on the website and clicked on the button to get my quote.

Applying for temporary car insurance was so easy to do.

The form asked me for the registration number of the car I wanted to insure and automatically listed the make and model of the car for me to confirm. It then asked some simple questions like my name, date of birth, address and contact details including my email address and mobile phone number. There was also an option to select a 2nd driver to be included on the policy.

After submitting these details the website generated a range of quotes. The price for 1-day (with or without breakdown), 5-days and 7-days were all shown on the same page to enable me to make a clear comparison between them and make the choice that was best for me.

Step 1 of the purchase involved me selecting the start date and time for the insurance and the number of days I wanted the cover to last (anything from 1 to 28 days).

The expiry date was automatically shown based on the details I had entered and it showed the total amount that would need to be paid. Imagine how pleased I was when I discovered that this price also included breakdown cover and for an additional fee I would have been able to include fully comprehensive European cover too.

The final step before payment required me to confirm the details that I had entered previously. It also asked me to provide my driving licence number.

I was able to pay by debit card (other options were available) and received my insurance certificate via email really quickly after the payment was accepted. There is no doubt in my mind that temporary car insurance is a necessity for every driver at one time or another and I really can’t express how grateful I was to have the opportunity to purchase exactly what I needed - car insurance cover for just five days - and so easily.

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