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Buying car insurance for four days, let alone short term car insurance, never entered my mind in the past. However my aunt was going on holiday abroad and didn’t need her car for a while. I quite fancied a few days off myself, but couldn’t afford to stay in a hotel. Aunty offered me the loan of her car so I could tour Pembrokeshire, visiting friends and other relatives where I’d find a bed for the night. I realised I’d have to get temporary car insurance for Aunty’s car as she didn’t have time to add me to her policy before jetting off to Mallorca. So this is how and why I bought short term car insurance


Although my aunt had left me the contact details for her own insurers and written confirmation I was authorised to use her car and arrange for insurance, I wanted to shop around to find a cheaper deal. After searching a few car insurance comparison websites I found just what I was looking for: an insurer offering short term car insurance I could afford.

The actual signing up process to arrange for 4-day cover took just 5 minutes. Arranging for temporary insurance cover for my aunt’s car was nice and easy. Her car is still relatively new and therefore worth more than £1,000, which is the typical stipulation online insurers make. The average policy offered is for drivers aged 18 to 65 and drivers must have held a full UK driving licence for at least 6 months. Some insurers offer cover to older drivers up to the age of 75.


Looking back, I’d spent just 15 minutes to compare online policy prices. So for a mere 20 minutes out of my day I had peace of mind and was able to tour Pembrokeshire without worries.

Temporary car insurance is perfect, when you need to borrow a friend’s or relative’s car or use a colleague’s car for work purposes for a short time. It’s also great when you need to move home or have just bought furniture at auction or one of those irritating stores that won’t deliver - simply borrow a van or larger car, arrange for temporary car insurance online and both you and whoever owns the vehicle has total peace of mind.
Best of all, their no claims bonus is protected in the event you have an accident with their vehicle or anything untoward happens while you’re driving it.

The temporary policy meant I enjoyed fully comprehensive cover instead of merely third party cover. My aunt will use temporary insurance, as soon as her son starts using her car to practice for his licence. Short term car insurance cover is available for up to a month with some insurers, although more typically for 28 days.

Look online for short term car insurance covering:

• comprehensive physical damage
• collision
• personal injury including medical payments
• liability for property damage

Some insurers also offer cover for rental reimbursement, uninsured motorists and liability cover for bodily injury.

In short, temporary car insurance can be really useful for a motorist needing cover for any short term, not just 4 days.

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