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I never even knew that one day car insurance existed.

It's the type of phone call that everyone should look forward to: my friend Mike in London was at the other end of the line asking if myself and my wife would like two free tickets to a sold out concert that night by our favourite band. I'd tried to buy tickets the day that they came out but had no luck, and the prices being asked on the ticket exchange websites were just crazy.

Yet, as he was explaining to me that an unexpected business commitment meant that he couldn't go, far from feeling a sense of delight as I should have done, I was filled with doom and gloom. London was a two hour drive away, but I'd broken my arm a couple of weeks earlier so there was no chance I could get behind the wheel.

I was frantically running through all the possible ways to get to the gig. The train was a non-starter as we'd have to miss most of the show to make the last train back. It was a Sunday, and so it was difficult to sort out a car rental at such short notice, even if we'd been able to get to the garage to pick it up. I regretfully told Mike that I was grateful for the offer but couldn't make it to London at such short notice.

"Why doesn't Sue [my wife] drive?" he asked. I explained that we'd decided to take her off the car insurance as she used public transport for work so there was no point in paying all that extra money for it.

"Simple," he said. "Get one day car insurance cover for her; then she can drive." I didn't even realise such a product existed, but having been given a web address by Mike, within five minutes I was online, entering my requirements into the form. I couldn't believe how simple it all was; in next to no time the policy was paid for, and my wife was good to drive us to the gig. The whole thing was a fair bit cheaper than I was expecting as well.

It was a great luxury to get to and from the gig with our own car and without the hassle and inconvenience of resorting to public transport. I even joked to Sue when we were halfway home that we'd probably still be stood on a windy train platform in the middle of London if we hadn't driven. Best of all, the gig was fantastic.

So, I went from not even knowing such cover could be arranged so simply and quickly to being one of its biggest advocates, all in the course of a day. I've even recommended it to friends and family when they've found themselves in similar situations. We'll definitely use it again in the future if I fancy a weekend off the driving now and again. Sue warned me not to go breaking any more bones just so to make her chauffeur me around though!

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