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I need to borrow a car but how do I insure it?

I managed to borrow a friend’s vehicle last week by buying car insurance to cover me for three days. I didn’t even realise that this type of temporary cover existed until I did some research online – it turns out that it’s even possible to get cover for just 24-hours. I wished I’d known all this before because there have been many occasions when it would have been handy to borrow a car.

My Need for Short Term Car Insurance

Last week, I had some relatives arrive from America to stay with me. I don’t have a car, and I felt worried about how I’d be able to keep them entertained. I shared my woes with a close friend, and he suggested that I borrow his car. I felt grateful for the offer, but it didn’t seem practical because I’m not insured. My friend said he heard it was possible to purchase insurance on a temporary basis, but he didn’t know much about the ‘ins and outs’ of it.

I did some research online, and I found plenty of information about temporary car insurance. This type of policy is not only available for cars but also for vans – handy to know for the next time I need to move home. Some people choose this option while they are waiting to arrange permanent car insurance. It is also a popular choice for learner drivers who need to be covered to use the car of a friend or family member.

I know there are some people who would be reckless enough to borrow a friend’s car even without being covered by insurance. Driving without cover for a few days might seem low-risk, but it would be just too easy for something to go wrong. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it, and even considering the possible consequences would be enough to keep me awake at night. This is why it came as such a huge relief to find I could borrow my friend’s car and be properly covered.

How I Bought Three Days' Cover

Arranging temporary car insurance turned out to be surprisingly easy – I could have selected for it to start immediately if I needed it. So long as you have a valid driving licence (UK, EU, or provisional), and you are not carrying lots of penalty points, it’s all very straightforward. I was able to arrange everything online. I even managed to get an instant quote by choosing the type of vehicle from a drop-down menu. I liked how the application process was so easy to navigate.

The fact that I had the car meant that I was able to show my American relatives a great time. I can’t imagine how we would have managed without it – they are not the type of people who enjoy public transport. I felt really impressed by how easy it was to get temporary insurance, and this is almost certainly going to be something I’ll do again in the future.

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