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Car insurance on a daily basis

If you'd asked for daily car insurance, or a few days' car insurance, let alone cover for one single day a few years ago your broker would have thought you were crazy. Times have changed. You can now not only buy car insurance for extremely short periods (between one single day and 28) but the proposal form can be be much simpler than the one you would have to fill in for a normal year's cover, you can buy it online within just a few minutes, and it wouldn't even matter whether you owned the car you wished to insure or not provided that the person driving it had the permission of the owner. The process couldn't be easier; the main decision you have to make is just how long you want to insure the car for, get a quote, pay online and then if you wish you can download the documentation (I really would do this if I were you, just in case you needed to produce your insurance certificate) and away you go.

Not everyone will be acceptable of course, and not every car is on the insurance companies' approved list but provided that you are over 18 and under 75, have held a UK or even EEC driving licence for a year or so and your driving record is not too bad you should qualify. There is a restricted list of cars which are acceptable and these usually exclude the more expensive or esoteric vehicles but the majority of cars or light vans on UK roads today should be okay.

Need a single day to test drive a car you're thinking of buying? Are your kids back from college and want to borrow your car for a few days, or a week or two? Are you travelling a long distance and sharing the driving with someone else? Whatever reason you need short term cover for you can have a quotation for comprehensive daily car insurance within a matter of a minute or so by filling in the form above. Why not go for it.

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